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IMPORTANT NOTE: These and other topics can be delivered in a variety of lengths ranging from a one-hour virtual session to a two-day workshop. Also, we strive to make the financial investment for speaking opportunities accessible to every budget. Please be specific about your requirements in your inquiry.

Associations Unorthodox: Six Really Radical Shifts Toward the Future

Associations are in a fight for the future, a fight taking place both outside and inside the boundaries of our organizations and our community. While the external struggle is with powerful forces of societal transformation far beyond the control of association leaders, it is the internal clash that is of much greater and more immediate concern. We must end the battle within our organizations around the increasingly damaging effects of association management orthodoxy on our prospects for long-­term sustainability and success by breaking free of the grip of past constraints and reorienting associations for a transformed world.

Based on ideas presented in the pioneering e-­book of the same title, this intensive learning experience will inspire association leaders to examine their most deep-­seated views and embrace six radical shifts in thinking and action for their organizations. Without question, this session will challenge participants to “get unorthodox.”

Business Model Thinking for Association Leaders

In a world experiencing relentless societal transformation, the traditional association business model will continue to suffer. Unfortunately, most association boards, CEOs and C-Suite executives have never had to lead their organizations through a single business model shift, much less the multiple shifts that likely will be required over the next decade and beyond.

In this master class, you will develop your capacity for thinking clearly and imaginatively about your association’s current and future business models, and prepare yourself to handle some of the most significant strategic and financial challenges you will face in the years ahead.

Connecting Opportunity with Responsibility: The Challenge of Future-Focused Stewardship

To create a more vibrant future for their organizations, 21st century association leaders must connect opportunity with responsibility. With powerful forces of relentless societal transformation creating new complex problems for their stakeholders, associations will have many opportunities to create radical new value and build future market share. To act on these emerging opportunities, however, leaders must embrace their shared responsibility to nurture organizations capable of thriving in the years ahead, without nostalgia or denial.

In this session, we explore the nature of future-focused stewardship, and stretch participants to think and act holistically about this critical systemic challenge.

Designing Association Business Models for the Network Age

To build an organization to thrive in the 21st century, association boards, CEOs and C-Suite executives must understand and respect a fundamental truth: the deepest untapped value lives within the network, and not in easily duplicated products and services pushed out from the organizational core. Accessing more of this compelling yet hard-to-reach value will require association leaders to imagine discovery-driven business models that connect a broader range of stakeholders in meaningful collaborative relationships through the use of emerging platform technologies.

This workshop for senior-level executives will guide participants through the process of designing and developing “networked” business model concepts they can apply to lead their organizations to the next level of success.

Five MORE Reasons Why Membership is Killing Association Business Models [HOT TOPIC!]

Even as association leaders continue to search for new ways to promote and sell membership, it is essential that they honestly and soberly assess the negative consequences of membership (unintended and otherwise) for the long-­term sustainability of their organizations’ business models. Building on Jeff’s 2012 series of provocative blog posts on this topic, this session will present five additional reasons why membership is “killing” association business models, and will help participants think creatively about designing business models beyond membership. This unique learning opportunity will continue to challenge our community’s orthodox beliefs about membership, and open new pathways for innovation for associations seeking to thrive in the 21st century.

Five Reasons Why Boards are Killing Association Business Models [HOT TOPIC!]

Association boards have a unique and non-trivial responsibility for building their organizations to thrive over the next decade and beyond. Unfortunately, far too many boards continue to operate in ways that are undermining business model success, sometimes without even realizing it. This session, based on the speaker’s forthcoming article on this topic in Associations Now Magazine, will help association leaders better understand board mindsets and actions that run counter to effective business model stewardship, and will present “next practices” for more generative business model thinking at the board level.

Making Innovation Happen: An Executive Learning Experience for Association Leaders

Over the next decade, association leaders face many serious challenges, not the least of which is an accelerating and intense process of societal transformation that is fundamentally remaking how current and future stakeholders think about new value creation. In this volatile and ambiguous strategic context, boards, CEOs and C-Suite executives cannot afford to be on the wrong side of conventional wisdom.

This executive learning experience will help association leaders move forward with greater confidence to build a deep organizational capability for innovation, including a clear and actionable strategy for making innovation happen.

For more details on these or other possible topics, or to book Jeff for an upcoming convention, conference or online event, please contact us.

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