As an association thought leader and contrarian thinker, Jeff De Cagna is a popular speaker for annual meetings, board retreats, conferences, webinars, workshops and other events. Jeff’s 2015 speaking topics include the following:

  • Building Your Association to Thrive through Stakeholder Development—Instead of so-called “member engagement,” associations must focus their time, energy and attention on developing mutually beneficial relationships with a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Future-Present Thinking: Preparing Your Association for What’s Next—Relentless societal transformation demands that association decision-makers stop being captive to the orthodox beliefs of the past in favor of understanding the future and acting on it today.
  • Passing the Amazon Test—Associations must learn and adopt important perspectives and practices regarding new value creation, business model design and stakeholder experience from one of the world’s best-known companies.
  • Rethinking Strategy: Why Everything We Thought We Knew is Wrong—Strategic planning encourages association decision-makers to adopt an orthodox “rinse and repeat” view of strategy at precisely the time when a more dynamic, learning-oriented perspective is required.
  • The Six Rs of Association Thrivability—To build their associations to thrive over the next decade and beyond, key decision-makers must focus their attention on six strategic imperatives that will minimize both the influence of internal resistance to transformation and the impact of external risk for innovation.
  • The Social Language of Innovation—The rapid adoption of smart devices creates real-time access to both enriched knowledge flows and enhanced network interactions that make meaningful innovation and collaboration possible at global scale.

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