Praise for Jeff De Cagna

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“Jeff De Cagna is a truly global thinker on the serious questions facing associations today and in the years ahead. His insights on business model innovation challenged my association to think differently about the future of our profession.”

Robert Barnes, Fitness Australia

“No single individual has driven the conversation on the future of associations more than Jeff De Cagna. Jeff’s insight, passion and commitment to the future of our profession are abundantly clear. You may not always agree, but you will leave any conversation with him seeing things in a different way.”

Gregory Fine, Turnaround Management Association

“Jeff De Cagna is fearless in challenging the conventional wisdom of the association community. It is something I have watched him do over and over again, and all of our organizations are better off because of his efforts.”

Janice Lachance, Special Libraries Association

“If you’re comfortable with the status quo, Jeff De Cagna will make you crazy. He pushes backs, shakes you up and makes you think differently, all with one outcome in mind: building organizations that can thrive in the years ahead.”

Bonnie McCullough, New York State Funeral Directors Association

“Jeff De Cagna probes, pushes, pesters, and provokes – all directed at helping you and your association thrive in the future. Wondering whether you’re doing the right things today to prepare for tomorrow? Seize the opportunity to spend time with Jeff. He’ll drive you to question everything, stop denying, talk openly about risk, and create the kind of association your stakeholders need.”

Mary Medley, Colorado Society of CPAs

“When it comes to asking the big questions about the future of associations, there is no one better than Jeff De Cagna. His ideas and insights on what’s next for our organizations are fresh, original and always provocative.”

Richard Schmidt, United Agribusiness League


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