Principled Innovation is excited to assist association boards, CEOs and C-Suite executives with the challenging work of building their organizations to thrive, through unique and high-impact consulting services. Based on your association’s specific needs and desired outcomes, we can design a customized consulting engagement, including short-term, long-term and retainer arrangements, in any of our six areas of work.

Our Mindset

After ten years of helping organizations across North America and around the world, Principled Innovation really understands the unique business challenges associations must confront today. We do not tell leaders what they want to hear. We always give them the benefit of our knowledge and experience, and provide our best strategic insights and recommendations, even when we know they will be unpopular.

Our Toolkit

At Principled Innovation, we use a variety of approaches as part of our consulting work, and we always try to match the right approach to the association’s specific needs and desired outcomes. We are adding new tools to our toolkit all the time. P.I. is constantly learning and adapting new techniques to associations. We are committed to staying at the leading edge so we can help our current and future clients achieve their most important outcomes.

Our Approach to Pricing

Our approach to pricing for consulting engagements is very simple: we prefer to do important work rather than allow financial constraints to be an obstacle to your association’s progress. We are always willing to work with our clients to find ways to move forward. For example, we always pursue project-based pricing instead of hourly pricing, because the latter approach never favors the client. The factors that influence pricing include the difficulty and complexity of the work, the scheduling and length of the project, the amount of travel involved and other workload concerns.

The bottom line is that Principled Innovation understands the challenges you face in managing your bottom line. We are all about helping you thrive in the 21st century, so of course, we are sensitive to your financial concerns.

If your association is ready to move forward with a consulting engagement with Principled Innovation, please contact us with more details.

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