Developing compelling answers to the three core questions facing their organizations is challenging work for boards, CEOs and other senior decision-makers. There is no reason for associations to undertake this effort on their own. Principled Innovation LLC offers associations consulting services directly related to these questions, including the following critical areas:

  • Strategy and Business Model Design—Craft a generative strategy and business model (not a strategic plan) to build your stakeholders and your association to thrive.
  • Business Model Innovation—Reimagine how your association creates, delivers and captures value to help stakeholders solve problems, meet needs and achieve outcomes.
  • Making Innovation Happen—Co-create distinctive and meaningful new value with your association’s stakeholders by building a sustainable capability for innovation.
  • Building Governing Capacity—Build a shared sense of responsibility and capacity for effective stewardship within your association’s governing group.
  • Future-Present Thinking—Learn how the forces of relentless societal transformation will reshape the world for your stakeholders, and prepare your association to harness those forces.

For more detailed information on how your association can benefit from a consulting relationship with Principled Innovation LLC, please contact P.I. today.