Making Innovation Happen Survey: Preliminary Results

In preparation for ASAE’s Annual Meeting next week, I wanted to share some preliminary results from the Making Innovation Happen Survey we conducted during the month of June. More than 100 association CEOs from across the country responded to the survey, and there are some very important findings for our community:

+Association CEOs report they value innovation both personally and professionally, and recognize the necessity of innovation to create new value for their stakeholders as their organizations face increased competition in the years ahead.

+Associations CEOs believe other stakeholders trust their innovation decisions, but in return they express less confidence in some of those stakeholders when it comes to pursuing the work of innovation.

+While association CEOs are focused on driving innovation primarily as a cultural intervention, they are having less success with building innovation as a sustainable organizational capability.

I will be releasing more detailed survey results next week, including the top five innovation priorities for association CEOs over the next twelve months. If you are an association CEO or C-Suite executive attending ASAE12 in Dallas, I invite you to participate in my Making Innovation Happen workshop on Sunday, August 12 from 1:30 pm-5:30 pm CDT, during which I will discuss the key survey results.

This fall, I will be releasing an executive briefing memo, building on the survey results, that will offer specific advice and guidance to association CEOs on how to advance their innovation efforts.

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Jeff De Cagna

Jeff De Cagna is chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, and a contrarian thinker on strategy, business models, governing and the future of associations.

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