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Today, I had the great pleasure to interview Lee LeFever from the Common Craft Show.  Lee and Sachi, his wife and business partner, have transformed the way we think about and talk about social media through their “In Plain English” videos.  Just in case you’ve never seen one, I’ve posted the Social Media In Plain English video below.  As you will hear in our podcast, it’s one of Lee’s favorites.


My interest in speaking with Lee was sparked not only by the awesome and incredibly useful videos he and Sachi create together, but also a series of three blog posts Lee wrote in July about “being lightweight.”  It’s a philosophy he’s applied to Common Craft that certainly resonates with me personally, as well as for associations.  We had a great conversation, one I hope will inspire you to ask yourself an important question:

How will what you’re doing today help you achieve your goals?

Enjoy the podcast, and please share your feedback either as a comment or by e-mail.  If you’re viewing this post on my blog, you should see the embedded player below.  If not, you may see two links you can use to download the mp3 file.  This podcast is approximately 20 minutes in length.


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Jeff De Cagna is chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, and a contrarian thinker on strategy, business models, governing and the future of associations.

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